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Friday, February 26, 2021 
APLUS Learning Center, Rockville
Prep - SAT/PSAT 

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SAT Classes Comparison ChartSAT Classes Comparison Chart

SAT Prep Course Descriptions

SAT1600 is a 16-week long introductory course for students in grades 8-10 looking to learn more about the SAT. This course is generally slower paced to allow students the opportunity to truly grasp both the content and the test-taking strategies needed to succeed.

SAT Prep at APLUS is renowned for its highly qualified teachers. Students are grouped based on their pre-test score to ensure effective teaching and learning. Average class size is 8 students and the maximum is 15. All SAT prep courses include 12 sessions, 9 of which are instruction sessions and 3 are practice tests. Each instruction session is comprised of 1.5 hours for mathematics and 2 hours for verbal. Verbal will cover both reading comprehension and writing strategies. Students will also have an opportunity to practice their writing which will be graded by the teacher based on College Board guidelines.

SAT Boot Camp is designed to assist more experienced students to obtain high scores on the SAT. The boot camp style course of SAT prep includes 5 timed practice tests and 5 reviews.

Regardless of which SAT prep course you choose, each one is structured to effectively raise the student’s SAT score. To achieve the highest potential, students are expected to complete their classwork and homework as advised by our instructors. On average, students can expect to increase their SAT score by 265 points after completing our SAT prep course. 

Our Students

Since 1998, our program has helped many students achieve their best SAT score and resulted in many acceptances from colleges such as Stanford, Yale, Swarthmore, University of Pennsylvania, Duke, Georgetown, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, University of California at Berkeley, University of Maryland, Northwestern, and many others.

Our Teachers

A team of highly experienced SAT teachers has distinguished our SAT prep course from others. Our SAT teachers are professional teachers with extensive SAT teaching experience.

  • Ms. Anne Evans has over two decades of English teaching experience. She is currently a teacher within MCPS and teaches students from grades 9-12, including AP.
  • Mrs. Michelle Hanson began teaching for Montgomery County Public Schools in 2004. Since then, she has taught at Richard Montgomery HS and Thomas S. Wootton HS, at all levels including AP and IB. She is currently APLUS's English Director.
  • Mr. Charlie Yeh, M.A., is the Founder and Director of APLUS Learning Center. He has over two decades of experience in teaching math and statistics at the K-12 level. 
  • Dr. Mei Wang has taught Algebra, Geometry, 8th Grade Test Prep, and various levels of Chemistry. Dr. Wang has also won awards in MCPS for her teaching. 
  • Dr. William Wuu has taught Algebra, Geometry, AP Calculus BC, Multivariable Calculus and various high school and college levels of physics. Dr. Wuu earned two M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering and Applied Math as well as his Ph.D. in Engineering at Brown University.


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