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Saturday, December 4, 2021 
APLUS Learning Center, Rockville
Enrichment - Writing 

APLUS College Advisory
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The six levels of writing courses at APLUS Learning Center seek to provide students with opportunities to focus on the skills and the practice of writing. Pre-Writing through Writing 2 help students establish a strong foundation, focusing on both reading and writing skillsets. The Intensive Essay Writing (IEW) courses are designed to help students succeed with college-level writing. APLUS Writing Enrichment courses help students learn to read more challenging literature with greater skill, to write more complex and mature compositions, to develop independent analytical skills, and to develop disciplined study habits for continued academic success. 

Compared with regular academic school English courses, our Writing Enrichment courses are more demanding, challenging and focused.  A student who takes the full range of our writing courses will find that the skills taught and practiced in each course build on those of the previous one and prepare for the practice of the next. 

Writing Enrichment Class Description and ComparisonWriting Enrichment Class Description and Comparison