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Monday, August 19, 2019 
APLUS Learning Center, Rockville
2019 Summer Camp 

APLUS College Advisory
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Afternoon Camp (3 weeks)

Time:      1:30pm- 4:30pm (Mon - Fri)

Grade:     3rd-11th Grade 

Rockville Location

Session 1: 6/18 - 7/05, (3-weeks) $700 ($875 for SAT/PSAT, $800 for 8th Grade Test Prep) *No class on 6/17 and 7/4

Session 2: 7/08 - 7/26, (3-weeks) $700 ($875 for SAT/PSAT, $800 for 8th Grade Test Prep)

Session 3: 7/29 - 8/16, (3-weeks) $700 ($875 for SAT/PSAT, $800 for 8th Grade Test Prep)


Composition ¦ Creative Writing ¦ Film Studies ¦ Grammar & Usage ¦ Public Speaking ¦ Reading & Vocab ¦ SAT/PSAT Prep ¦ Test Preparation

The Afternoon Camp offers students a variety of exciting courses aimed at improving language and writing skills, speaking skills, and test-taking skills.

Composition (formerly titled as "Writing Workshop") helps students learn to read more challenging literature with greater skill, to write more complex and mature compositions, to develop independent analytical skills, and to develop disciplined study habits for continued academic success.  Compared with regular school English courses, the workshops are more demanding and more focused. Students also receive much more one-on-one attention in these smaller class settings. This course focuses on the two most important skills needed for success in the classroom – reading complex literature and writing thesis-based essays. 

Advanced Composition (formerly titled as "Intensive Essay Writing") challenges students with opportunities to practice writing different types of common academic essays. Students who are comfortable with the fundamental elements of essay writing will benefit most from this course. Through teacher instruction, students can expect to learn the structure of seven types of academic essays, and, under teacher guidance, practice writing each of these essay types in class and at home. Student-written essays will be reviewed and graded by classroom teachers, providing students with critiques comprised of detailed comments, corrections, and suggestions. Frequent class discussion and on-on-one conferences between students and teacher will reinforce students' learning and understanding.

Creative Writing offers students the opportunity to explore various types of poetry, short stories, descriptive pieces, and screenwriting. At the end of the class students will combine their finished pieces to form a literary magazine which may be published online.

Film Studies is crafted for the student who loves watching and analyzing movies! Students will learn how to critically view film by learning about how a director creates art through camera angles, costumes, make-up, editing, sound, and lighting. They will apply that knowledge through writing film reviews, creating movie posters, taking part in class discussion, and working on team projects. They will experience film in a whole new way! Course films and/or clips will be rated G or PG for Film Studies I, G through PG-13 for Film Studies II, and include the following genres: action/adventure, classic, sci-fi/fantasy, sports, western, comedy, and drama.

Grammar & Usage is designed to help students learn the eight different parts of speech and how to use them properly in writing, as well as find out how to recognize and correct common usage errors such as comma splices, dangling modifiers, and passive voice. Taking this course will allow students to earn higher scores on their writing, as well as prepare for the Writing and Language section of the SAT. Grammar I is most suitable for students in grades 6-8 whereas Grammar II is most suitable for students in grades 9-11.

Public Speaking, which is often overlooked in typical public school curricula, enhances students’ leadership and communication abilities. This course helps students learn and practice the art of speechwriting and public speaking. It also helps students overcome their fear of public speaking and appear more poised in presentation situations. Students will find the speaking course both refreshing and challenging. This year, we are offering Public Speaking 4 (Debate II) to further explore research and argumentation development as well as hone debate skills on more advanced topics.

Reading & Vocab provides elementary and middle school students an excellent opportunity to learn the critical reading skills that are the key to success in all their academic classes. This course will enhance students’ skills in understanding and discussing literature, as well as succeeding on standardized tests.

SAT/PSAT Prep provides an excellent opportunity for high school students, as well as 8th graders who want to take John Hopkins CTY eligibility screening, to practice and get familiar with these critical tests. Unlike SAT/PSAT prep courses offered by other learning centers, APLUS summer SAT/PSAT Prep Course is a 45-hour class that covers extensive materials and prepares students extremely well for the test. This course also includes three carefully selected sample practice tests. All SAT Prep courses are taught by a team of teachers who have helped many APLUS students excel on their SAT tests.

Test Preparation (5th and 8th Grade) is designed to help students gain confidence and build expertise in taking standardized tests, such as Magnet school entrance tests, Johns Hopkins CTY assessment tests, private school screening tests (ISEE/SSAT), and other highly selective entrance exams. Instructors teach students strategies for answering a variety of test questions as well as methods for alleviating test-taking anxiety. This class is essential for any student seeking acceptance into a highly competitive academic program.